No doubt this is the worst of the possible scenarios, in which Ahriman succeeds in his aim of anticipating his incarnation to the year 1998 or even earlier and acting jointly with the forces of Sorat. One mustn't forget that Ahriman wants a race of slaves and that if one allows oneself to be beaten by his discouraging strength, one effectively converts oneself into one. Facing that race of slaves are those other ones, possessed by Sorat.

In their book, Christ and the Maya Calendar, Robert Powell and Kevin Dann talk about this relationship:

Here it is possible to see how the impulses of Sorath and Ahriman converge: both have the "intention to sweep away anything spiritual." Yet their approaches are different, since they are working on different levels. Ahriman´s approach is more by way of the brute force of sheer power, financial and military, in order to gain world dominion -full-spectrum dominance is the modern term- whereas Sorath´s way is more subtle, appealing to the "I" of the human being. In order to attain his long-term goal, at the present time Sorath is allying himself with the incarnation of Ahriman, intending to make use of what comes from this incarnation as something upon which he can build in future so as eventually himself to come to power and to make himself God11.


At one of our last encounters I brought up the subject of the different religions in the world.

"Yes…, religions. One of the missions that I have to fulfill is to unify them all."

He expressed himself without much enthusiasm, as if lack of progress weighed heavily on him. Sincerely, it's not really possible for me to imagine Gatsby heading a distinct group of people. To think like that is not to understand in any way the forces that lived in him; it is not to understand his mission. His aims were always broad. The way in which he related to other people, how he adapted language and gestures around him, how he could make himself understood by very different people, all made you think that from the abstract, he was going to extract spirits that were aligned to his objectives.

Gatsby had great powers of conviction and seduction. By those means he could drive and direct the souls of people who were very dissimilar. I have known people who have changed their orientation, both in life in general and in their business, after a short chat with him. Within the ideas that Gatsby transmitted to them, they found the certainty that they never had in their own. Gatsby's words had the ability to resonate, even after time had passed.

If I had to describe the state of mind that I perceived in Gatsby with regards to his mission with respect to the world of business, the financial and economic world, that world of power that has under its yoke the world of Law and of the Spirit, I would have to point out how Rudolf Steiner became a member of the Theosophical Society with oriental leanings, so as to be able to extract from it those elements that were susceptible to being healed, to be correctly oriented.

Gatsby's drama, and it was not his alone, was to have been drowned, unused, as if the reality of his life, of what I tell here, was nothing more than a nebulous dream. But it will not always be like that.


11. Rudolf Steiner, Three Streams in the Evolution of Humanity, p. 78: "The aim of the being who hoped to intervene in 666 was to make himself God."