"What do you mean?"

"That there was an agreement between the two sides", he concluded.

I remembered the Japanese character of the time, and how even after the bombs had been dropped, some considered surrender to be a shameful act. Sometimes he also talked to me about the future.

"Our generation is lucky. The ones who are going to have a bad time are going to be our children. They will fight against each other. We are fortunate having had parents like ours. The children that are born now won't have that same luck."

"In the future entire cities will fight one against the other, neighborhoods will fight against neighborhoods, houses against houses", he had previously told me during the first year that we knew each other.

There were about eight of us in that room, including me and Gatsby. One of us said something very specific. He commented on a piece of news that in Gatsby's opinion was about Demian.

"Demian is behind this", Gatsby said loudly.

He went on talking about Demian. I don't have a clear memory of what he said since my attention was divided. I think it was then that he confirmed to me that Demian had contacts with North American intelligence and that the twisted idea of selective and intelligent bombing, as a new form of future war, was his. In the attractiveness that existed in that idea, as a rational temptation, I saw Demian's hand. Later it was applied with great success.

I looked around expecting an answer to these words from our friends. They were a few feet away from us and Gatsby's voice was loud but no one appeared to be hearing anything. My friend went on talking to me about very significant issues but nobody was taking any notice of us. I had the sensation that Gatsby had taken me to a world where only he and I existed.


In June of 1991 I obtained a considerable loan at a very good rate of interest. I achieved it through my father, thanks to his contacts. With that I succeeded in letting him finding out about me and I was able to avoid previous conflicts.

The days passed. Gatsby called now and again. He continued to have problems wherever he went. I understood that Demian would do the utmost to finish with him, to kill him. In any case he would complicate his life in such a way that the money that I had given him after such an effort was going to run out very quickly. It's important to understand that Gatsby could find a job, but problems would arise that would end up preventing him from continuing at it. Gatsby liked to shine by elimination.

Those days these were my thoughts. Then I had a new thought. More than a thought it was a point of view, my own without taking anything else into consideration. My life was pure bank debt. I could not do any more. I had reached my limit. At that time everything appeared madness to me.

I regretted from the bottom of my heart that I had been the one chosen to support Gatsby. I was sure that anyone else, more resolute and with greater character would have worked differently and, as result, done better. I was also sure that I had already done so much that the very weight of events stopped me from continuing. I was very sure —I have never doubted— that Gatsby's influence would even reach distant African lands where prime materials, avariciously sought after in other parts of the world, are traded. That avariciousness had turned those regions into violent places where the most vile crimes took place. That idea encouraged me when I felt the weight on my shoulders but at this moment I could not keep it in my mind.

Under my tense gaze, even Jimmy appeared to be an irresponsible madman who had managed my life according to his will and had led it, as he did everything that he touched in his life, to the edge of an abyss. I told Gatsby clearly that my collaboration with him was over, and I did not say it to him in a nice way.