In 1998, when I first discovered Anthroposophy, a sense of relief filled my soul. That first book spoke of Evil in a way that I thought necessary for it to be shown. Strange and wonderful subjects which I had never heard of before were presented. It also addressed other subjects that I was more familiar with. Some of them were related to my own life, a hidden life that I never imagined that I could reveal. Of all these known questions, the main one referred to the incarnation of Ahriman, whose birth was placed by the author in "America in the second half of the 20th century"2.

It also introduced me to a spiritual science that I had expected to appear some time in the future. I used to dream of something like this and this dream had now been converted into reality. Limitless joy was joined with much-needed relief in a meeting of emotions that is characteristic of Anthroposophy. I drank from its fountains until my wounds were cured, convinced that I did not have to provide anything of significance.

Some time later, I became aware that there was no precise information that placed Ahriman's incarnation at the present time. In spite of its importance, nobody seemed to be able to speak with assurance on this subject.

Fourteen years after the end of what has been related so far here, this project of writing about certain experiences began. While they were happening, I never believed that one day they would become public, I was certain that they would die with me.

There were two reasons for this. In the first place, I never believed that anybody who had lived these events, as I had done, would ever be able to consider them in their true scale. Later, I was always gripped with the concern that revealing them might prejudice an initiative in which I no longer participated.

In spite of the fact that these two lines of thought remain valid, but under the personal belief that the second one of them is part of a drama that could hardly get worse, I have decided to publish the most important of these experiences in the hope of being able to transfer to other souls that which has lived in mine for a long period of time, with the vulnerability and sincerity provided by the years, convinced of the truth that these words express.

In the following pages the incarnation of Ahriman is discussed. I don't find it possible to talk about it without mentioning the entity that, in pure contrast, is related to that other one which Ahriman embodies. It is not possible for me to do so.

In this book there is no knowledge that the author has acquired through special capabilities. It is just the story of a part of my life. It is that simple, and no less important because of it. On the other hand it would not be valid to set out that which I have to say in any other way. Any other way would not do justice to the truth. In addition, one must not lose sight of the single characteristic that might make this piece of writing important, the fact that what is said here is the truth.

With that, it is possible to infer the original motive that induced me to make these pages public, in spite of being able to imagine many of the objections that might arise. The motive is none other then a clear awareness that what is laid out here is a faithful image of reality. Real events are described. But there is something more. Something that is as important, if not more so, then that. It is that sense of truth which one allows oneself to be guided by; it is that same sense that is tested throughout one's life and that has accompanied me for more than 25 years, reaffirming over and over again that which is lived, that which is thought, that which is interpreted.

I recognize the difficulty of transferring all this through the written word. I can do no more than to regret it and I hope that the reader can forgive me. Forgive me for trying to force him or her to find something that is objective and, as a result, of some validity for their life by means of what I have lived through, through my own, inevitable subjectivity. I hope that they may find something of use in what follows.

If on one side of the balance, the argument espousing the uselessness of every effort is whispered in my ear, on the other hand the best of all arguments weighs more heavily: the total certainty that I find in myself that what is laid out here is true. With this, I think that the reasons that brought me to write this book are clear.

The author

October 2011


2. Trevor Ravenscroft, The Spear of Destiny.